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Lotto – Substitute

Posted: April 17th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Portfolio Works | 1 Comment »

In this TV-ad for Lotto, director Oskar Bård turned to us for help to make his point, creating an android duplicate of a real man. The inspiration for our particular sequence came from the well-known movie A.I. by Steven Spielberg where a face unfolds in order to showcase robotic parts underneath. Decision to make the parts in 3D was taken based on the anticipated camera movement, but also the flexibility it brings to the table once it comes to modifications later on in the process. The actor's head was modeled by Johannes Carlsten from reference photography of the actor. My job was mainly to develop concepts for the machinery. The guidelines were pretty clear and referred to the "steampunk" style. My job resulted in concept images and a base mesh that would later be built upon. Once preliminary approval came in Arvid began to light and shade the parts. At this stage further modeling development was done to the parts all according to the directors wishes. All passes were in the end composited by Johan Boije, working in HD on a Flame. Below is the final 45s master and further down is some of my concept art.

Client: Svenska Spel
Ad Agency: Ruth
Production Company: Hobbyfilm
Producer: Anna Persson
Director: Oskar Bård

Post Production: Stopp
Post Producer: Robert Feniger
Online: Johan Boije
3D Artist: Arvid Björn, Marko Ljubez, Johannes Carlsten
Colourist: Björn Frithiof




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