Welcome! This is essentially a blog with the sole purpose of showcasing professional and personal art works created by Marko Ljubez. Furthermore this space serves as a trackback diary, displaying random thoughts, things that inspire me, movies and music I like, food I enjoy and more. This blog is in development. More to come soon.


Posted: March 24th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Photoshop Freestyle | 1 Comment »

Todays short Photoshop freestyle session ended up looking like this. The spring is almost here and damnit, it's about time! uh, no, now it started snowing again.


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Playstation 3 – Flowers

Posted: March 20th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Matte Painting, Portfolio Works | 1 Comment »

Here is a recent job I worked on where I once again had the previlegie to work with director David Dawoodi. I guess he was pleased with our previous collaboration and so was I, making this a really enjoyable project to work on. The idea behind the movie is basically to evoke a mysterious, heavy atmosphere without giving away to many answers. To add to this my job was to give life to the miniature flowers by turning them into some sort of lamp-like creatures, emiting light from the jawline, forming the much familiar signs that are so often associated with Playstation. The look of the light emiting was something David had a very clear vision of which made things much easier once time came to create the effect. Furthermore almost every scene underwent the process of adding digital snow, removing wires and adding digital condensation representing the breath. I used Softimage, Adobe Photoshop, Shake and Adobe After Effects for the whole project. David felt that the movie was incomplete while lacking an establishing shot in the beginning so the task of creating the very first shot was giving to me. This shot was solved by a camera projected matte painting and some fun compositing to make it come alive. All in all it was a very fun project to work on, much due to the good relationship with the director who really showed a sence of trust and confidence towards me and my work throughout this project. This is pretty rare behavior but at times when it occurs it elevates the work and boosts the will to deliver something extra due to responsibillity that comes along with it.

Production Company: Independent
Director: David Dawoodi
Executive Producer: Jani Guest, Richard packer
DoP: Kristoffer Johansson
Editor: Håkan Wärn

Post Production: stopp
Colorist: Carl Skaff
VFX Lead: Marko Ljubez
VFX Artist: Johannes Carlsten
Online: Jonas Jäderholm
Sound Design: Dead Mono, Erik Thorsell
Post Producer: Robert Feniger

Here is the making of the very first shot. I did the matte, camera projection and compositing on this shot.

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Thunder Boy

Posted: March 3rd, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Photoshop Freestyle | No Comments »

Photoshop Freestyle of the day. Every once and then i sit down and create images, out of other images. The goal is purely to reflect an emotion or a thought. Sometimes its something I've been thinking about for days and sometimes the subject comes to me in a spur of the moment. This way of creating images came about when I wanted to take certain photographs but the lack of resources put my ambitions to a hold. This was and still is a way around that issue.


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