Welcome! This is essentially a blog with the sole purpose of showcasing professional and personal art works created by Marko Ljubez. Furthermore this space serves as a trackback diary, displaying random thoughts, things that inspire me, movies and music I like, food I enjoy and more. This blog is in development. More to come soon.


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After a year spent back home in Stockholm, im excited to be moving abroad again and take on new challenges. I will move to London in mid April, where I will be joining the digimatte department at MPC. Im very excited both for the job opportunity but also having the chance to live in London and experience what it has to offer.

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I have uploaded a set of photos that I've taken during my first month here in Singapore. Have a look here.

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Konnichiwa Tokyo!

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In May of 2006, my former studio Perfect Fools invited all of it's employees to an 8 day visit to Tokyo, Japan as part of the annual company trip. To tell the truth at first I wasn't really that excited. My head was filled with work and projects I was involved in and just thinking of the long trip made me even more exhausted and stressed out. My spirits changed to the better as the trip came closer and two days before I was excited beyond belif. The flight itself was long, aprox. 24h as we flew from Stockholm to Frankfurt, Germany and then continued on to Narita airport, 45 min outside of Tokyo, Japan. We arrived at a sunny Tokyo city, which seemed huge...just to big to grasp. I felt a bit like an alien around there because there really was no point of reference I could understand. I now have much more understanding of why japanese tourists are so active with their cameras, because we ended up acting the very same way. But I loved it from the very start! Our hotel was situated just by the Tokyo Tower, which is basicly the dead center of the city making it possible for us to easily visit the different districts. As I mentioned before, the city was enormous and we tried to see as much as possible but we were short of time. Jet lagged throughout the first few days we hit the city hard, running around daily from 4 pm until 9am and sleeping sporadicly. Nobody wanted to miss anything and the common excuse seemed to be "well how often are You in Tokyo?!". This went on to the point where someone could run into the hotel room in the middle of the night, wake you up and say "come, you have to see this!". Leaving the city was a bit depressing as I really wanted to feel more of its energy. One of the things that made a big impression on me was the light temperature in that area which is very different from the one here in Scandinavia. Everything seamed to swim in warm, golden colors and pastelic cyans. A big reason why the trip was such a success and why I had such a good time was because of the people  who were there with me. At times my mind slips back, remembering that time and it allways brings a smile to my face. So to all of my friends who were there with me, thank you for everything!  Below are some photos from the trip (none taken by me) and a few other ones just showcasing Tokyo. Domo arigato!

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Siggraph 2008 Los Angeles, CA

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In late August of last year me and a couple of guys from work flew over to LA in order to visit the Siggraph conference. It was a crazy experience and nothing like I thought it would be. At the conference we made sure to check out the talks given by the major post houses like Disney/Pixar, PDI/Dreamworks, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Industrial Light & Magic, Rhythm & Hues, Digital Domain, Fox/Blue Sky Studios, Framestore CFC , MPC, Double Negative and more. Talks covered projects such as Iron Man, Cloverfield, Mummy 3, Speed Racer, Wall-E, Madagascar 2, Horton and more. Furthermore we had the privilege to visit Digital Domain, Method Studios and Riot Studios while visiting LA. Digital Domain is the biggest of these three and comes of as a bit intimidating to me. The shear magnitude of it and the number of emplyes was mind blowing. You have to see it to believe it. Method Studios resembles my current facility both by size and by number of employees. These guys were also sitting on a very nice, mellow atmosphere, but then again who wouldn't with that sunny blue sky outside all day long, every day. Riot was the last of our visits and I learned that they appear to be somewhere in the middle between the previous two in matter of size and number of employees. Worth mentioning is that all of these facilities do commercial and feature film work and all of them do great work.

We were in LA for one week but the time just seemed to short as there was so much to do out there. Of course we went to see Batman The Dark Knight in IMAX. We left the theater gasping for air. There was just to much eyecandy to digest.  Siggraph seamed to be the melting pot and we found ourselves invited to the official XSI party, celebrating the release of ICE. Needless to say this "nerd-party" was one of the best things i've been to as the place just exploded to the tunes of Vanilla Ice performing on stage. Even Ron Jeremy seemed to enjoy himself up there on the balcony. In great need of cooling of at around 5am we decided to hit the beach and call it a night. All in all it was a great experience, meeting up so many people who work in the same field, learning new things as well as visiting new places such as Los Angeles. Below are some pictures from the trip (not photographed by me). Enjoy!

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